Aluminium Oval Container 3Lb, 5pcs

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Royal Ware by Farla

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Aluminium Oval Container

Aluminium Oven Containers

Royal Ware by Farla


The aluminium containers are disposable aluminium oven containers.

This container is commenly used to bake cakes or dishes in the oven.

These oven containers are classic disposable food containers.
The disposable containers are from Aluminium.

These aluminium Containers are disposable.

These food containers are recyclable.

The containers commonly gets used by bakeries

The aluminium food containers come in a pack of 5 pieces.

The aluminium food containers are also available in other dimensions.


For any more info about this product don’t hesitate to contact us: cuplate@farla.com


Royal Ware by Farla


1400ml, 3Lb



In Pack



Baking, Food Storage Container, Oven Container, Cake, Challa




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